Taylor Test Kits & Reagents
Taylor Test Kits & Reagents Taylor Test Kits & Reagents
Taylor Test Kits & Reagents

Taylor K-2006 Test Kit w/ 2 Ounce Reagents

Well regarded in the pool and spa testing industry as the leaders in 'wet chemistry' testing methods, Taylor Pool & Spa Test Kits handle the toughest pool and spa testing situations consistently and accurately every time.

Complete Taylor Reagent Set
#1 - #12, 3/4 ounce bottles

Whether a simple drop test for total chlorine using OTO or a DPD titration for a pool's free chlorine concentration, Taylor Test Kits give reliable data pool owners and service professionals can rely upon to guide their water chemistry decisions.

Something to think about: Taylor makes the only test kits recommended by the American Swimming Coaches Association.

The safety of your friends and family matters so don't put them at risk by using off-brand liquid test kits and reagents. Trust in the reputation and history of Taylor Technologies, a company whose Quality Management System has been certified to ISO 9001:2008.

   Can I use other brands of reagents w/ Taylor test kits? -- All Taylor test kits get calibrated for accuracy using genuine Taylor products. Other reagent manufacturers may not use the same grade, strength, or amount of reagents in their testing so using their reagents in a Taylor test kit, and vice versa, may yield incorrect test results.

   How long will my reagents last? -- That all depends upon how you store them. Exposure to high temperatures, direct sunlight, cold temperatures, etc. diminish shelf-life and experts suggest replacing reagents each year. Starting each new swimming season with fresh reagents works best.

   Do the comparator blocks ever go bad? -- In a perfect world they would not, but fading of colors can occur over time due to the plastic material's exposure to sunlight and harsh chemicals. A properly maintained, stored and cleaned comparator ought to last for several years before it needs replacing, though.

OTO & pH Test Kit for Residential Pools
Total Chlorine & pH Test Kit

Taylor K-1004 Test Kit
Taylor K-1004 Test Kit

Complete Service DPD Test Kit
Complete Service DPD Test Kit

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